Monday, March 12, 2012

Another First For 'Rise Networks' - Youth Speak in 'Guardian'


It's first because THE GUARDIAN is not known to have had a culture of a back page Column in the past years of News Dissemination and Publishing; this' also the one and only known time a Youth Organization in Nigeria will own the Back Page of a Newspaper; Columns are usually written by Individuals!

With effect from Monday, 9th April 2012, RISE NETWORKS takes over the BACK PAGE of one of Nigeria's foremost Newspapers, THE GUARDIAN!

The concept is to have the YOUTH SPEAK section on the Back Page of THE GUARDIAN, 3 Columns
Vertical- 14inch x 3 inches. This is approximately 1,500 words without photographs and 1,200 words with Photos.
The Youth Speak Column will be published on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays WEEKLY.
We would therefore welcome writers’ contributions by way of thought provoking, spot on, analytical
opinion editorials on these specified days.

The YOUTHSPEAK Column is an initiative of THE GUARDIAN powered by RISE, as a substantial advocacy space open for all young Nigerians to share thoughts on burning issues of Youth interest covering a wide range of topics such as Governance, Media, Politics, Health, Entertainment, Business, Fashion, Youth. Empowerment, Education, Art, Pop culture etc.

As a strategic and germane platform for Young Nigerians to engage Leadership, engage Society, shift the needle on the impact of Youth Development and contribute to National Discourse on diverse issues especially those that are peculiar to Nigeria, please note that all articles must be concise, topical and non-defamatory!

Only articles that have NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED on any Blog site, website, online portal, newspaper, magazine or any other information sharing Medium will feature on this Column!!

**The soft copy version of the column's articles will also be made available on our website and The
Guardian's after the day's publication on the Newspaper!

All articles including preferred Pen name, phone number and email address should be sent to with a theme tagline in capital letters right before the Title. E.g.
GOVERNANCE; Subsidy Removal Debacle; Are we still sure about SURE? Or ENTERTAINMENT; the vast untapped potential of Nollywood and its adverse effect on Nigeria's Economy!

RISE reserves the right to or not to publish an article based on our Editor's discretion!

Regarding submission of articles, please follow the guidelines above as compliance with these editorial principles will heighten the chances that your Material will be published!

All writers will be credited with their names published along with their works and our Editor will
inform you on the day your article is published so you, your family, friends and associates can buy THE GUARDIAN and also spread the word by mouth and on the Internet.

Do share this with your friends and let's head out on this exciting Ride!

Where are the Youth Speak Articles? Bring them on, Send them in! Now, Now, Sharp, Sharp! ‎​LOL
Congratulations to all of us; The Turning Point Generation!

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Youtube: RISENetworks
Twitter handle: @risenetworks
BB PIN: 21676F3E

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