Saturday, March 3, 2012

Berrykiss Exclusive: 1st Listen - Djinee's 'This is not a Love Song'

A free day on my schedule is like having snowfall in sub-saharan Africa. Despite the seeming impossibility of such an occurrence, it happened that I had to clear my schedule one afternoon so I could be available to pick my spouse who was coming in from out of town. In other to kill time whilst waiting to go pick him up, I decided to tend to some unread email messages.

At some point during the internet surfing session, I came across a mail from some publicist guy in Lagos claiming that the content was a recent studio leak of Djinee's track. Besides the fact that I think the crooner has got awesome talent, I had the whole
afternoon to myself and so I downloaded to listen.

I felt a stirring behind me and turned around in time to see my boyfriend who I was expecting, walk in. As he walked towards me, I got up and ran towards him and we met somewhere in-between in a tight hug. He whispered sweet words into my ears and my neck drooped sharply!

When I came back through from the daydream, the song was still playing so I stopped it. I was going to save it for my man when he got back so we would both rock to it whilst doing you know what!

Djinee's 'This is not a Love Song', Listen Here --->
DJinee – This Is Not A Love Song is an expressive track that's void of inhibitions.

Djinee this morning Saturday Feb 3 @ Top Radio

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