Monday, February 27, 2012

Disturbing: HIV-Positive Maid Laces Child's Porridge With Menstrual Blood

A very disturbing news.. BTW, who does this?  A 17-year-maid from Zimbabwe was caught lacing the porridge of her employers' four-year-old child with her own menstrual blood. Pelagia Mureya, carried out the disgusting act several times until her luck ran out.  The ruse was discovered when her employer noticed a drop of blood when her child was eating porridge, and investigated.

The maid professed ignorance of the blood but her inquisitive employer took the porridge, her child and the maid to Hospital where tests
confirmed it was the maid menstrual blood. The toddlers mother immediately pressed
charges against her, leading to her arrest.

The maid's cruelty has earned her a 10-year prison term on Friday. She will effectively serve eight years as two years were suspended on condition of good behaviour.

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